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Which Chakra is Your Strongest?
Take This Quiz to Find Out

“Chakra” in Sanskrit comes from the root word “wheel,” and can best be described as spinning vortexes of energy in the subtle body. There are seven major chakras located in the body and they run along the spine from root to crown. Each chakra corresponds to specific colors, sounds, smells, feelings, crystals, and more. Take this quick and fun quiz to discover your strongest chakra.

The more aligned your chakras are, the more the life force energy in the body can flow along the spine. Think of your spinal column as an energy highway, and the chakras are like interconnected energy centers that allow the energy to flow through. Each energy center can either be open, the energy spinning freely and allowing for fluidity, or it can be closed, which simply means the energy is blocked from flowing smoothly.

The more aligned your chakras are, the more you will experience the energy flowing freely through them, which can harmonize your body, mind, and spirit.

When the chakras are open and balanced, it can lead to many benefits, including improved relationships, reduced stress, anxiety, and depression, increased self-awareness, and because chakras transform energy, you may notice your thoughts, beliefs, and desires manifesting more quickly.

When a chakra is closed, you may find yourself feeling “off,” experiencing tension, physical pain, negative emotions, and more. 

The more aligned your chakras are, the more you will experience the benefit of energy flowing from this area.

Awareness of this vibrational life force energy is thought to help balance the body and mind. But do you have one particular chakra that guides you? Do you sense that one of your chakras is more open and aligned than the others?

Take this Chakra Quiz to determine your most dominant chakra.

Want to know the basics of the chakras? Check out Chakra 101: An Introduction to the 7 Chakras

Chakra Chart and Cheat Sheet

Get a free printable with all the information you need about the chakras.

Want to go deeper in working with the chakras?

Try the free 7 day Chakra Healing Challenge or sign up for the 7 week Energy Healing workshop and embrace the power of chakra balance through meditation, healing practices, and working with chakra stones for a more aligned and energized life.

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