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Energy Healing Workshop

Awakening the Chakras

Your sacred online space for exploring how to heal and balance the chakras.

Join the workshop for INSTANT ACCESS to all the content and workbooks including…the 60 page E-Book, worksheets, and breathwork and meditation practices…

Learn how to use Chakra therapy to heal the mind and body. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Understand the Basics: Discover the fundamental principles of chakra healing, including the significance of each chakra and how they influence aspects of your well-being.
  • Practical Techniques: Explore a range of practical techniques for chakra healing, from breathing exercises to visualization practices, and learn how to easily incorporate them into your daily routine.
  • Chakra Balancing Tools: Learn about various tools such as crystals, essential oils, supportive foods, and sound therapy to aid in balancing and harmonizing your chakras.
  • Self-Healing Practices: Gain insight into self-healing practices that empower you to take charge of your chakra balance, promoting overall vitality and inner harmony.

Whether you’re new to self-care for the chakras, or you’ve done a lot of chakra healing work in the past….having a simplified process to connect with and heal your chakras can: 

  • Create Daily Habits

Consistency is important when it comes to chakra health. Learn simple ways to make chakra cleansing a part of your daily routine instead of an infrequent event. 

  • Cultivate Confidence

Having a consistent, simplified process for balancing and healing your chakras will boost your confidence and build trust in yourself. 

  • Bring More Clarity

A daily chakra balancing practice will help you better understand your current blocks and set clear intentions for growth and healing. 

  • Receive Inspiration & Guidance

By activating these sacred centers, you will become more awakened, feel more alive, and develop the ability to access your intuition and spiritual guidance on a deeper level.

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The course will have...

The E-book on chakras, worksheets with journal prompts, a guided meditation, breathwork exercises, and Yin Yoga poses.

Each week you'll receive...

A guided email workshop to dive deep into the energy and healing of each chakra.

Why this workshop?

This is not a disposable purchase you will click ‘buy’ on, and then forget all about. The Energy Healing Workshop is a reminder that your self-growth is the best investment you can make.

Not everyone is ready to step up for themselves, and not everyone believes they are worth investing in. I hand on my heart believe that if something feels like a worthy investment, then you will make the effort to prioritize getting your value from it.

This workshop is designed to enhance your personal and spiritual growth.

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