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Jen | Owner + Instructor


Welcome to Urban Sol Yoga, a community dedicated
to helping you find balance, strength, and serenity amidst
the busyness of modern life. We are here to guide you
on your journey to wellness + mindfulness.

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Jen stepped onto a yoga mat for the first time in 2002 to rehabilitate a dance injury. During the course of recovery, she not only regained agility and healed, but cultivated a practice, discovered a passion, and that passion eventually led her to complete her yoga teacher training. She loves a good Vinyasa flow and finds balance with the deep healing of a Yin practice.

As a Registered Yoga Teacher, it’s her goal to help you create a deeper level of self-awareness and cultivate a healthy, loving relationship with your mind, body, and soul that will serve you both on and off your mat. Her mission is to provide a space where you can grow, create friendships & become the best version of yourself!

When she is not on the mat, you will find her writing her latest mystery novel and spending time with her amazing son & 2 cats. She loves walking, hiking, cooking, reading & traveling.

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