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Code of Ethics

Our mission is to provide a safe, comfortable space to practice yoga. We invite all to enjoy an inclusive community of members who respect one another. We uphold this safety and provide this experience by adhering to a code of ethics that outlines our conduct within the Urban Sol Yoga Brand.


I am here to serve and be present for others and will leave my personal stories and drama outside the door to clear my mind for service. I will not engage in gossip. I will listen to others.

  1. As a leader, healer, and teacher I will not be under the influence of any mind-altering substances, alcohol, or illegal drugs when I am on the property whether I am teaching, healing, visiting, or taking a class.

  2. I will not play music that is profane, offensive, or puts down a particular belief system, culture, country, religion, or race.  I will be sure the students can hear me above the music.

  3. I will not use language that is profane, racist, or inappropriate.


It is my responsibility to set clear boundaries with students and practice communication that holds the integrity of Urban Sol Yoga.​

  1. I will avoid relationships with students (e.g., business or sexual relationships) that could impair my professional judgment and compromise the integrity of my instruction.

  2. I recognize that my teaching may lead to physical contact with students, such as adjusting them in asanas, and will exercise the utmost care. Touch will be used only with students’ consent and with their wellbeing in mind, and free of any personal motive.


Urban Sol Yoga acknowledges and respects the Spirit in all our students, teachers, and staff. We recognize it is the responsibility of the teacher to respect the rights, dignity, and privacy of the students. 

  1. I recognize the trust placed in and the unique power of the teacher-student relationship. I will not exploit that trust in any way.

  2. I will not share financial, social, or disclosed information with anyone else in the community.


In all professional matters, I will conduct myself in a manner that is ethical, appropriate, and respectful of all concerned.

  1. I will use my knowledge and professional associations for the benefit of the people I serve and not to secure unfair personal advantage.

  2. Fees, financial arrangements, and all contractual matters will be discussed at the outset and established in a straightforward, professional manner.

  3. I will not speak ill of colleagues, other professionals, or Urban Sol Yoga’s brand.

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